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How do FASTer Way to Fat Loss coaches really eat, and how do YOU need to eat in order to see long-term results? The answer may surprise you!

Our coaches are often asked questions like:

  • You’re already thin and fit, why do you bother eating clean?

  • Do you really eat the way you coach your clients?

  • How important is nutrition, really?

Before we can answer those questions, you’ll need some background behind the FASTer Way nutrition cycle and how it came to be.

From FASTer Way to Fat Loss creator Amanda Tress: 

Growing up, I ate a ton of crap! I had high blood pressure and dangerous blood sugar levels all throughout high school. I ended up on blood pressure meds and didn’t realize that wasn’t a normal thing until college, where I looked around to find that I was the only college student I knew taking those kinds of meds.  So I began doing research and making changes to my diet. I soon felt happier, less anxious, and more emotionally stable. In addition, I had lowered my blood pressure significantly and was able to wean myself off the blood pressure meds. 

But, I was still really confused. There was a lot of information floating around regarding diet. Much of that information conflicted with my experience, or with other nutritional information I had read.

Things really shifted for me after I had Emma. I developed some significant food sensitivities to eggs, gluten and milk. I hadn’t really had issues prior to pregnancy, but was often doubled over in pain after consuming those foods post-pregnancy. So I did some more research and transitioned over to a Paleo lifestyle. As I cut out certain foods, I found myself feeling considerably better.  I began to see a change in my energy levels, stomach discomfort, and overall mood. The change was so significant that I truly believe it would have been negligent of me not to share the information I had learned with my clients.

Here’s the bottom line regarding why I bother eating clean: I owe it to my family, my business and my clients to be my best, most energized self. This body of mine is not a rental. I only get one.  I feel it’s my responsibility to take care of it to the best of my ability. I wouldn’t put mud in a Rolls Royce, so I am not going to fuel my body with anything less than what is truly best for it. 

Ready to Clean up Your Diet?

If you want to clean up your diet, start by logging your food for a few days. As you track what you eat, log your feelings as well. Be sure to note how your body is feeling (headache, bloating, stomach pain) and your emotional state (happy, peaceful, stressed, overwhelmed). Seeing the connection between your food and your feelings is a powerful tool that can lead you toward a cleaner, healthier diet. 

So, How Do FASTer Way Coaches Actually Eat?

  • First, you should know that our coaches eat exactly the same way as our FASTer Way To Fat Loss clients. We believe in and live what we teach.

  • Second, we eat gluten-free and dairy-free. For those who are not allergic or otherwise sensitive, we do eat gluten occasionally—BUT we are very intentional about working it into our nutrition cycle to maximize results.

  • Third, we practice Intermittent Fasting. We utilize the 16/8 protocol, typically breaking our fast around noon (but this is flexible depending on your schedule!). Throughout the morning, stay hydrated with lots of water, black coffee, and herbal teas.

Here’s what a typical day looks like for me:

Wake up-noon: Tea, Water, Black Coffee

Lunch Time: Almonds, Chicken Lettuce Wrap 

Dinner 1: Cobb Salad with homemade dressing (lime, honey and oil), Meatballs (homemade)

Dinner 2: Fish Tacos (tilapia) with Guacamole and veggies

While this is a low-carb day sample, whole, gluten-free foods are the foundation of our diet, every day.

Women are the catalysts for healthy living in their families. It is so important to pair your research with what helps you feel your best. If what you are eating is getting in the way of work or family, then it’s time to start making some changes. 

If you need more support with nutrition or learning how to effectively pair it with workouts, then join us for the next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. More than 100,00 clients now have greater control over their food choices, increased energy, and significant fat loss. You can, too. Register here to get started.